Power Management Unit PRO



I have some questions regarding PMU PRO.
What is max current (A) for:

  • One 5V independent auxiliary output?
  • One 12V independent auxiliary output?
  • Power1 / Power 2 5V output?

In text presentation text is stated:
"providing two 5V power supplies or a redundant one for your autopilot"
Does that mean that two 5V power supplies for redundant power to Autopilot (Power1 / Power 2) and on other side aux 5v /aux 12v are completely independent or not?

Thank you.



That means the PUM has 4 independent power supplies. 2 of them are used for the alimentation of the Pixhawk (Brick 1 and brick 2) and the others for auxiliary outputs. I hope it’s more clear. :slight_smile:


Hi Jarome,

Yes, that is more clear. I already bought some.

But I really need info that i could not find in specs/documentation, what is the max. output current (Amps) on these 4 independent power supplies (for each one, but primarily for 5V aux and 12V aux).
For powering vtx, gimbal, osd, camera power, leds and maybe servos…
Is that 1, 2, 3 or… Amps per power port?

Thank you.