Magnetometer calibration fails on Pixhawk Pro 3


I have a Pixhawk Pro 3, connected to the Sirius RTK GPS, which has a compass built in (Registering as Compass 1 = External). I am using QGround Control (V 3.4.4) to calibrate the magnetometers. I am using the ArduRover firmware (latest version). However the calibration keeps failing no matter what I try. I tried:

  1. Setting the orientation to Yaw270 as another post seem to suggest (Also tried Yaw90)
  2. Relaxing the convergence using COMPASS_CAL_FIT parameter >> Relaxed
  3. Set COMPASS_OFFS_MAX >> 3000 (maximum value)

The following message appears during calibration: “Compass 2 calibration below quality threshold”. In Mission Planner, offset values for Compass 3 (internal) in X and Y seems large and greater than 3000.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue?