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Corrected GPS signal from RTK Base



I have some queries related to XXL RTK Base.

How do I confirm if the base station (XXL RTK) has sent a “corrected” GPS signal to the rover? Are there any standard tests that can be done to validate that I am receiving a corrected signal?

How frequently does the base station send a corrected signal to the PixHawk?


you can check the received correction messages on this way:
-start uCenter
-connect your rover
-go message view
-select UBX
-select RXM
-select RTCM (RTCM input status)

in this message view you must see the incomming RTCM messages.

Another important thing is the age of correction. (a few seconds are OK)
You can check:
-go to NMEA message view
-select GxGGA nmea message
on the bottom of the message screen there is a line “Age of DGNSS corr” if there you can see 1 or a few secs then you are OK.



Hi @rugo100,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Since I am a novice user, I thought I will work with Qground Control for now before working with manual settings in uCenter.

Is there anyway to do the same thing you mentioned in QGroundControl?


Sorry I do not know QGroundControl.