Can I use XL RTK GPS module with Pixhawk 1?


Hi. I’m new here and could use some info for a project. I currently use Pixhawk 1 on a Flamewheel F550, which has flow successfully many times. I now want to upgrade to an RTK system and it looks like the XL RTK unit along with the XXL RTK ground station might do the job. Here’s my question: is the XL RTK a drop-in replacement for the 3DR style GPS units I have been using? These units interface to the Pixhawk with a 6-pin connector (DF-13 type) and include the GPS and compass signals.

  1. Are the pinouts the same?
  2. Does the XL have a compass?
  3. Are the data formats the same?

If NO to any of these questions, what mods do I have to make to get this to work?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who has done this.