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Revolutionize The Sky With A Light Drone Manufacturer You Can Trust

We have many years of experience in the field of drone manufacturing and electronics, we use the latest tools and techniques so you can produce stunning drone light show.

Our company provides the lightest drone of the market with the latest drone innovation so you can perform a live outstanding show in the sky for your audience and light up the sky with synchronized drones and music !

The Cutting Edge of Drone Technology

Our LED light on the drone is super powerful to create a truly immersive and impressive experience for your audience, making it the centerpiece of your light show.

Our drones are equipped with a RTK GNSS antenna, which means that you can locate your drones during flight with centimeter accuracy.

You can also control your entire fleet of drones with secure and encrypted data because safety is our priority !

Dedicated To Ensuring Your Light Display Success In The Air

At Drotek, we want your special event to success, whether it is for marketing campaigns, public celebration, resort animation or private event show, our company has you covered with drone swarm.

Our experienced team of engineers is dedicated to ensuring your event is a success, from start to finish.

IO Star 2: The Game Changer of The Entertainment

Our Light Drone

The IO Star 2 drone is the result of 11 years of relentless efforts and strong collaboration between all of Drotek’s talented engineers. Drotek designs the world most secure and precise light show drone solution.

Our drone overall weight is 285g: it's the lightest drone in its category, delivering great autonomy and performance.

Thanks to the latest innovations, sensors and components, IO Star 2 is a smart, autonomous and connected drone. Our background allows us to deliver secure light show solution meeting all requirements from professionals in the entertainment industry.

Drotek IO Star 2 exploded view






190 X 190 X 52 MM (without the propellers)


Centimeter accuracy


5 m/s


Up to 20 minutes



Ground Control Station

GCS_2023_détourée drone light show

The GCS consists of a set of electronic devices that make it an all-in-one control station, i.e. the GNSS RTK module with its antenna and the radio communication module, as well as the module where the web application is integrated.

The Software

Drotek develops hardware and software in-house, so our Ground Control Station comes with a secure local web application (Ground Control Software) that allows you to manage thousand of drones. Also connect your PC/laptop/tablet to the ethernet port of this module or via Wi-Fi and access the app using your favorite browser. Not only fast, but also secure!

The charging Station

10 batteries charging station drone light show

Drotek made a charging station so the batteries can be safely loaded. Several LEDs indication the batteries status. Charge up to 10 batteries at the same time! This station also gets an overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection.

Drone Light Show For Your Events

Our Commitment To The Planet

recyclage drotek drone light show

We are dedicated not only to ensuring the success of your event but also to protecting the planet.

We take environmental responsibility seriously, which is why we have established a partnership with a specialized organization to ensure that all of our drone batteries are collected and recycled properly.

By choosing to work with us, you are not only guaranteed a stunning aerial performance but also peace of mind knowing that we are committed to preserving the environment for future generations.

Drotek is committed to a brighter & more respectful future !

Try The Latest LED Drone Display Technology

Drotek's Light Drones: Captivate with secure, colorful Magic

Captivate your audience in a brand new way thanks to the latest innovation of light drones. Take advantage of our solution to enhance your events !

Create magic during your light show with drones to captivate your audience !

Secure your show thanks to the encrypted communication & centimetric position of Drotek light drones.

We have designed a drone with a wide spectrum of colors so you may offer an unforgettable moment to your crowd.

drotek night session drone light show
drotek drone light show hand

An immersive experience for your public

Our company is dedicated to delivering an immersive and unforgettable moment for your audience through the use of cutting-edge drone technology.

With our drones, you can design mesmerizing shows that captivate spectators and leave a lasting impression.

From vibrant displays of color to intricate light patterns, our drones bring an extra dimension of excitement to any event.

Whether you're looking to add a unique touch to a celebration, create a memorable occasion, or simply provide a once-in-a-lifetime moment for your public, we come up with the perfect solution.

The cost of a light show depends on several things:
   • The quantity of light drones
   • The light show duration
   • The complexity of the choreography with light drones
  • The shipping of drones & logistics
  • The team on site

The price range for a light show is quite large it can vary between 30k€ and 250k€ and vary also depending on the company.
A drone light show is a spectacular display created by a coordinated group of drones, equipped with LED lights. These drones are programmed to fly in a precise formation and synchronize their movements and lights to create stunning aerial patterns and images.

Here's a general overview of how a drone light show works:
   • Drone Choreography: Experts in drone programming and design develop a choreography for the light show. They plan the flight paths, formations, and specific actions for each drone during the performance. This choreography is created using 3D software.

   • Drone Setup: Each drone is equipped with LED lights, which are lightweight and capable of producing vibrant colors. The lights are positioned on the bottom of the drone to be visible from the ground.

   • GPS and Positioning: The drones are equipped with GPS systems and onboard sensors, enabling precise positioning and navigation. This allows the drones to follow the predetermined flight paths accurately.

   • Communication: The drones communicate with the ground control station (GCS), which coordinates their actions during the show. This communication can occur via a combination of wireless protocols, such as radio signals or Wi-Fi.

   • Flight Automation: The choreography and flight paths are programmed into each drone's control system. Once the show begins, the drones autonomously follow their designated paths and execute the predetermined actions.

   • Synchronization: To achieve synchronization, the GCS ensures that all drones start and execute their actions simultaneously. This synchronization is crucial for creating coherent and visually appealing patterns in the sky.

   • Lighting Effects: The drones' LED lights are programmed to change colors, intensity, and patterns according to the choreography. This allows for dynamic and visually captivating displays. The drones can create various shapes, patterns, and even 3D objects in the sky through their coordinated movements and lighting effects.

   • Safety Measures: Drone light shows adhere to strict safety protocols. They are conducted in controlled airspace, away from airports and other restricted areas. Safety measures include maintaining a safe distance (a geofence) from the audience and implementing fail-safe procedures in case of technical issues or emergencies.
   • Learn about light drones and their applications.
   • Understand drone regulations and obtain necessary permits.
   • Study drone choreography and use 3D specialized software.
   • Build a fleet of drones for shows.
   • Get the mandatory training.
   • Practice designing captivating choreographies.
   • Obtain insurance coverage for liabilities and equipment.
   • Create your own show.

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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